Equity crowdfunding for all companies operating in Wholesale Of Waste And Scrap

Investment in Wholesale Of Waste And Scrap category companies from People who believe in you.

To be successful crowdfunding in Wholesale Of Waste And Scrap you need to be promoting your pitch yourself. Listing on a platform will not get you funded. If you are spending a lot of time promoting your crowdfund wouldn’t it be nice if you were sending them directly to your website?

We manage the transaction for you. That includes taking payments, hosting and dealing with financial regulations, allowing you to keep focussed on finding investors.

Equity crowdfunding for companies in Wholesale Of Waste And Scrap

Equity crowdfunding with ShareIn is a great option for companies operating in Wholesale Of Waste And Scrap that want to raise company finance.

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Our crowdfunding website enables you to raise funds on your own website. No wasting your valuable marketing resource promoting a crowdfunding platform. You crowdfund yourself in with our expert help behind the scenes.

We are authorised by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and take our responsibilities very seriously. We are a strong advocate for financial regulation and ensuring that risks and potential returns are presented clearly.

Great Reasons to Choose ShareIn

  • Control customer experience
  • Use your existing audience
  • Tried and tested solution
  • Founding members of the UKCFA

Why choose ShareIn?

Track record
Track record

We've helped companies raise millions of pounds from equity finance, in accordance with UK regulations, to deliver growth, cash flow and operations.

Fast to Launch
Fast launch

We've built a tried and tested solution that can get you up an running quickly. We're and experienced team running Equity fundraises since 2014.

On your website
On your website

Leverage your existing marketing by pointing users to your own website, control your messaging and communication, and keep direct contact with new fans.


User registration, AML/KYC checks and payments all handled with our secure proprietary payment and investment software.